Pablo Cousteau Vida

As a photographer, I've always said that I try to reach through my artistic approach the canvas that I would have liked to paint.

"Through a very personal transformation process, .I reinterpret objects, animals, mannequins, Christmas lights, trees, plants, flowers, buildings, etc. always trying to get a different view, more cryptic and conceptual, of the reality which surrounds us. "

La fotografía inicial, seleccionada entre decenas o cientos de ellas, es el embrión de un trabajo posterior que conlleva días y semanas de dedicación y que busca resaltar la faceta más sensible , incluso de objetos aparentemente banales: una botella o una jarra, una lámpara, un muñeco en una feria, etc…

"My mission is facilitated by the beauty of the photographed (graffiti, elegant storefronts, flowery landscapes, animal sculptures, buildings and iconic landmarks), no doubt about it, but there is also an artistic component hidden in the reflections of a globe, in a ceramic bowls in a Christmas tree ornament, in the lights of a traffic jam in a simple sign on the road or the arrival of a train. "

Colors, contrasts, forms, approaches or blurs, filters, all in the service of a simple photography that seeks to reach the depths, the essence, through a path that I never know where it will take me until the work is completed.

"My job is to bring out the hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed. Our eyes and senses create that beauty, build or unfortunately waste it."

It is a labyrinthic process that sometimes does not find out, but sometimes it does.

Each element of the photography, either an animal, a human being, an object or a simple windmill, has its own personality.

To search this different and original prism is an exciting task, and generates some anxiety and frustration when it cannot be accomplished. Each of these elements contains a rough diamond that is necessary to polish with patience and precision to achieve the desired effect.