Window Dressing and Fashion Collection

Escaparatismo y Moda 53
I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries these years and in any small or large avenue street, airport or mall, my eyes always wander to the window dressing.
Reinterpreting them through photography respects a premise: to strengthen his character and personality. Thus, as in Hong Kong I try to "Orientalize" mannequins and decoration, in the case of the "casual" trademark my approach is based on "street art". The important thing is to respect the spirit of the showcase, brand, and not betray their leitmotif.
The windows chosen are not always the most luxurious ones, but they must have personality, character, a certain style, and also allow us to guess what might be inside.

"This collection comes from an almost obsessive passion for window dressing."

What is striking to me can be a simple detail, lighting, an unusual color, a strange pose of a mannequin, an original background, or a combination thereof.
There is no doubt that there are windows dressing with magic, and this collection is a tribute to the window dressers that make possible those scenes that, when successfully culminated, turn them into real theater stages.