Airports Collection

Aeropuertos 26
Airports are those places that you always get in a hurry, thinking more in schedules, billing areas, boarding gates or screens at a time... we follow the track and hitting jumps like a kangaroo until finally we installed in the aircraft seat.
That anxiety, nervousness about not losing a suitcase or a passport, bypass queues with people like us, the accelerated pace of the crowd among the shops and corridors... all we have around becomes invisible and usually it is a lot. 

``Esta colección homenajea aquello que en realidad sí está allí: arquitecturas vanguardistas, iluminaciones sorprendentes, reflejos surrealistas o fingers que se asemejan a las extremidades de un inmenso robot``.

here are many airports in the world where one would spend days and days photographing to the smallest details, and lose all aircrafts with great pleasure.