Morocco Collection

Marruecos 27
The collection includes photographs from unforgettable stays in Rabat, Tangiers and Asilah.
The colors of their ancestral doors, blue and white flooding from the city of Udayas, the authenticity of their Medinas, the dome of the mausoleum of Mohamed V ... it is impossible to remain inert in front of an environment like this.

"It is a tribute to a great country, so close and yet so far, still to be discovered."

It is very easy to take beautiful pictures from the beauty, enhance the color of what is already a timbale of colorful, photograph a shop in the souk in the Medina where carpets, furniture, necklaces, ceramics, bracelets, crafts, baskets and embroidery are mixed.
The collection focuses more on small details than in larger landscapes, and more in lights and shadows of the inner courtyards and streets than in the great monuments.