The various collections that make my photographic work reflect my concern about finding the most artistic approach of buildings, trees, flowers, landscapes, lights, airports, windows, etc.
They may seem disjointed and lacking consistency from each other, but they all share my obsession to transform into something dreamlike and unreal what may seem to us at first sight as banal as a simple glass, a bottle, a rickety door or a window full of dolls.

"I consider myself a slave to each of my photographs because once they are made, they take life by themselves, determine my feelings when I see them and ultimately dominate me."

Light, bright colors and even phosphorescent contrast with the black background that enhances the polygonal or unfocused effects seeking an aesthetic close to kitsch. However, photographs in black and white tends to the mystery and unanswered questions through cryptic messages.
In all of them I have tried to put my sensitivity to their service.

Flowers Collection

Flores 18

Nature Collection

Naturaleza 33

Plum Blossom Collection

Prunos en Flor 17

Animals Collection

Animales 25

Window Dressing and Fashion Collection

Escaparatismo y Moda 39

Lamps Collection

Lámparas 70

Christmas Collection

Navidad 66

Jars, Bottles, Cups and Glass Collection

Vasos, botellas y cristales 24

Airports Collection

Aeropuertos 3

Architecture Collection


Morocco Collection

Marruecos 27

Chicago Collection

Chicago 26

Windmills Collection

Molinos 17